EccoStone is a molded stone composite comprised of natural minerals and fibers that replicate a variety of stone formations. Builders and designers use EccoStone for advantages such as cost-savings, installation ease, durability and easy maintenance for their customers. Best of all, EccoStone is made from 98% post consumer waste. With the texture and look of natural stone, EccoStone provides great looking interior and exterior applications for residential and commercial projects.

EccoStone has been in production for more than 17 years, providing environmentally sensitive synthetic stone products for clients in the retail, hospitality, museum, government, and residential construction industries.

Examples where EccoStone is used include: Wall panels, countertops, columns, curtain walls, moldings (crown and base), tiles and decorative elements.


EccoStone is a gypsum cement that is reinforced with natural fibers, and is sealed with a factory applied clear sealer. Made from 98% post-consumer waste, it has the look and feel of stone with the workability of wood. One of EccoStone’s primary advantages is its ability to quickly adapt to the various needs of architects, designers, contractors and developers. EccoStone is already offered in a variety of product types, surface textures and colors.

Wall Panels

Standard veneer panels in the textures of Coral, Travertine, Dolomite and Limestone are available in 16” squares, 24” squares, and 24” x 48” rectangular cuts. All panels are 3/8” thick and weigh approximately 2 lbs. per square foot. Due to its flexural strength, EccoStone can be used as a wallboard replacement in earthquake prone areas. EccoStone is currently used in California and is being considered by the state's Legislature for building repairs that meet demanding new building codes. Find out how EccoStone panels will enhance your project.


Beautifully crafted base and crown moldings are available in a wide variety of standard design profiles. EccoStone designers are ready to assist in fabricating custom moldings and trim pieces to fit your most exacting requirements. Tell us about your project requirements.


Molding custom items, such as bas-reliefs, sconces, sculptures and logos to the specifications of its customers are the specialty of EccoStone Artistries. Products are made for integration into standard wall veneer, molding systems or to stand alone. EccoStone Artistry architectural elements will add distinction and style to your project. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Versatile, simple and durable.

Ecostone creates earth-friendly finishes.

EccoStone products have the texture of natural stone surfaces, with a clear definition of detail, yet weigh much less and are easily installed. EccoStone wall panels with Limestone surface, for example, are one-fifth as thick as quarried stone (3/8 inch versus 2 inches) and weigh less than one-tenth as much (2.2 lbs. per sq. ft. versus 25 lbs. per sq. ft.). The effect of EccoStone applications is to enrich vertical interior and exterior spaces. It projects the quality, strength and permanence of stone.

Standard Colors

EccoStone products are offered in six standard colors at no additional cost to customers.

  • 000W Alabaster
  • 004A Apricot
  • 010G Dove Gray
  • 001B Mediterranean Rouge
  • 101CT Parchment
  • 006R Rose Quartz

EccoStone products are offered in four standard stone textures.

  • 200NT Natural Travertine
  • 200BD Brazilian Dolomite
  • 200C Coral
  • 200L Limestone

EccoStone’s natural fiber-reinforced mineral formulation has the following characteristics.

Flame Spread Rating (A.S.T.M. E84) 0
Smoke Rating (Class I) 5
Density (lbs/ft3) 70.9
Weight (lbs/ft2) 2.22
Flexural Strength – Parallel 67.7 lbs.
Flexural Strength – Perpendicular 67.9 lbs.
Ultimate Flexural Strength 640 psi
Modulus of Elasticity 76,300 psi
Impact Test (ASTM C581) No cracking or disbonding occurred at or beyond impact breaks

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